OWA Episode #9: Pro Wrestler SJ & More Speed Dating With Andrea


Meet Sarah-Jean Greaves (SJ) aka Delilah Doom, a professional wrestler based in Texas. She’s spunky, sincere and has one heck of a style. Listen in as Aubry and SJ catch up for the first time in years, and get to know a little bit about the world of professional wrestling.

Be sure to stay tuned after my chat with SJ for a second round of speed dating with Andrea Boehlke, my Survivor: Game Changers tribemate.

Thanks for calling in, SJ. You’re the best!


2:30 A childhood dream
4:19 The birth of Delilah Doom
5:47 Pro wrestling — how does it work?
7:11 A day in the life
9:13 Choreography
11:00 A list of injuries
12:53 SJ’s WWE experience
13:43 Fueling a dream
15:35 Wrestling misconceptions
17:55 Workout and nutrition regimes
20:00 On the road
24:14 Channeling the 80s
26:10 A second date with Andrea Boehlke 


Official Merchandise Page of Delilah Doom: http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/catalog/category/view/id/1036
Delilah Doom Official Store | What a Maneuver!: https://whatamaneuver.net/collections/delilah-doom

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