OWA Episode #8: Jeryl Jagoda & Speed Dating With Andrea Boehlke


Meet Jeryl Jagoda, a social media expert based in Los Angeles. Jeryl manages her own social media business and has tweeted for everyone, including Ricki Lake. She’s created social media strategies and managed crowdfund efforts for documentaries. Tune in to learn more about another side of the social media world.

Plus! Tune in after Jeryl’s interview for some “speed dating” with Andrea Boehlke, Aubry’s Survivor: Game Changers tribemate.

Thanks for coming on the show, Jeryl. And Andrea, thanks for continuing your showmance with me!


1:36 A rundown on Jeryl’s background
2:30 The beginnings of a career in social media
6:30 Jeryl’s time as part of the “Twitterati”
7:35 A niche in crowdfunding
10:53 “Feminists, What Where They Thinking?” — Jeryl’s latest project
14:00 Jeryl’s unique perspective on the world of social media and the magic of Facebook
17:15 Professor Jeryl Jagoda
19:57 Ricki Lake and other television adventures
22:00 Keeping up on the wild world of the web
25:12 The future of social media
27:50 From East Coast to West
32:10 Speed dating with Andrea Boehlke

Contact Jeryl

Business website: impactsquaredproductions.com
Email: info@impactsquaredproductions.com
Twitter: @JerylJagoda

Contact Andrea on Social Media

Twitter: @andreaboehlke
Instagram: @andreaboehlke

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