OWA Episode #7: Alex Apple From MTV’s ‘Stranded’


Meet Alex Apple, a winner of MTV’s reality competition show Stranded With A Million Dollars. Alex was in Fiji last year filming a survival show just like Aubry. SURVIVOR fans will enjoy hearing about the similar and different experiences Aubry and Alex had living out in the South Pacific jungle with interesting characters (and a WHOLE LOT of coconut).

Thanks for joining me, Alex!


1:30 Who is Alex off the island?
2:56 The bizarre experience of being disconnected from the news
4:35 Alex and Aubry discuss every variety of coconut you’ve never imagined
5:45 Why Alex applied to the show
8:46 What’s the premise of Stranded?
12:40 Weight loss, gaining it again and then some on Stranded and SURVIVOR
16:35 Coping with loneliness and lessons from living in the wild
21:16 The bizarre and ridiculous end of Stranded
22:51 SURVIVOR strategy on Stranded
27:50 The reaction to Stranded
29:20 The woes of living outside and finding a new “wild” normal
30:32 SURVIVOR talk
31:30 Alex analyzes Aubry’s game
35:20 Alex’s favorite SURVIVOR players
36:50 Alex pulls a Troyzan and talks outer space

Contact Alex on Social Media 

Twitter: @AlexApple_
Instagram: @AlexApple7


Stranded With A Million Dollars show site: www.mtv.com/shows/stranded
Alex’s website: alexapple.org
Alex’s reporting reel: http://www.alexapple.org/demo-reel
One of Alex’s latest op-eds: http://lancasteronline.com/opinion/columnists/obamacare-was-actually-based-on-conservative-principles/article_0ea56b30-6017-11e7-8d42-93ff2cb7fdb3.html
Learn more about Alex’s space lessons: https://futurism.com/apod-heart-tarantula-nebula-2/
Alex’s ‘Reality Blurred’ articles: https://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/author/alex-apple/

Bonus Content

Alex Apple, winner of MTV’s ‘Stranded’
Alex and other cast members on ‘Stranded.’
Alex in the Fijian wilderness in 2016.
Alex “surviving” on ‘Stranded with a Million Dollars.’

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Opening song clip credit: Requiem for a Fish by The Freak Fandango Orchestra.

One thought on “OWA Episode #7: Alex Apple From MTV’s ‘Stranded’

  1. Loved it Aubry! When you talked about the stereotypes of Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty, it made me think of a discussion that we had in class one day. Often times, when labels are put on people, they internalize them and become that label, even if they really aren’t. That is way blanket statements and stereotypes can be so damaging to people.

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