OWA Episode #6: Competitive Eating with Mike Sullivan


Meet Mike Sullivan, co-host of the podcast Fink Beat the Stomach, which covers the wild and wacky world of competitive eating. Mike’s love for competitive eating was born at the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest on Coney Island and went from there. So dig in and take a bite out of the world of competitive eating.

Thanks for joining me, Mike!


2:30 What is competitive eating (CE)?
4:33 The origin of Mike’s CE love
8:41 What the heck is a kale eating contest?
11:04 How CE is like Survivor
12:09 CE gender politics
14:20 Hot dog stomach volume, CE training and eating techniques
20:00 Cheating in CE
21:07 A range of CE contests and the most epic turkey eating contest of all time
25:38 Oh the places you’ll go and the people you’ll meet!
28:06 CE misconceptions and the sport vs. game debate
29:09 Mike tries his hand (I mean stomach) at CE
31:03 The origin of Fink Beats the Stomach Pod
34:37 Survivor talk (because we can’t help it)

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Fink Beats The Stomach Podcast

Mike takes on the Kale Eating Championship

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs Competitive Eating Promo

Mike’s great turkey upset video

SURVIVOR: Africa – James the keeper of blood appears at the 27-minute mark

James and Badlands Fink Beats the Stomach track

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Opening song clip credit: Requiem for a Fish by The Freak Fandango Orchestra.

5 thoughts on “OWA Episode #6: Competitive Eating with Mike Sullivan

  1. The blood drinking challenge was in episode 2 of Africa. Linda from the Samburu ended up winning the tiebreaker. Love this episode Aubry!

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