OWA Episode #5: Dr. Darcy From ‘Famously Single’


Meet Dr. Darcy Sterling, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, founder of Relationship Skills Bootcamp and host of Famously Single, currently in its second season on E! Network. Aubry and Dr. Darcy have both participated on reality television shows and have an appreciation for mental health. Listen in as Aubry and Dr. Darcy share their learnings on emotional intelligence and self-improvement.

Thank you for appearing on the show, Dr. Darcy.


1:40 An “outrageous” teenage experience
8:00 Darcy’s journey with self-help
14:50 Dr. Darcy’s “hard work” style
18:46 Why Aubry played Survivor and Darcy’s thoughts on the show
21:48 What Famously Single participants face
26:36 Aubry talks life after Survivor and self compassion
27:35 Darcy’s take on “fear based” talk and anxiety, Aubry chimes in with her experience from Kaoh Rong jury speaks videos
29:15 Watching yourself on television as an opportunity
33:45 Aubry asks Dr. Darcy about reality television and social media (because Aubry is obviously obsessed wit this topic)
40:50 Darcy’s advice for listeners who want to make a change in their relationship skills

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Twitter: @DrDarcySterling


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*Episode contains some adult language and content.

Opening song clip credit: Requiem for a Fish by The Freak Fandango Orchestra.

2 thoughts on “OWA Episode #5: Dr. Darcy From ‘Famously Single’

  1. “You can go to the videotape.”

    Most people don’t really want to do that, unless they can edit it first because they have already done that editing in their mind. Perception and self compassion are both dependent on how we view what happened through our own view of the experience. The replay may not support what we believe.

    Ah, the mysteries of life.

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