OWA Episode #4: ‘Papa’ Joe Del Campo


Meet Joe Del Campo, Aubry’s closest ally on SURVIVOR: Kaôh Rōng. There’s much more to Joe than a stint on reality television. This soon-to-be-74-year-old is adventurous as a 12-year-old. From his years as an FBI agent to raising Yorkie rescues, there’s only one thing Joe doesn’t do — sit still. Get to know this gem on this week’s Odd with Aubry.

Thanks for joining me, Papa Joe. Peace and love.


3:05 A home with four exposures
5:00 Joe Del Campo: spy-catcher
7:28 Tales of an FBI agent
14:13 Undercover operations
17:16 Joe’s secret nickname
18:13 Keeping it fresh
20:31 Cambodian Memories
26:00 Joe’s acting career
30:00 Papa Joe’s life outlook (spoiler alert: it’s inspiring)
32:50 A man of many dogs
37:50 Joe’s temper, and “love” for a fellow Brain and a duo for life

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Twitter: @excalintel1

Instagram: @excalintel


Check out these links for more on Joe’s adventures:

Facebook: Florida Yorkie Rescue

IMDB: Flight of the Navigator

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*Episode contains some adult language and content.

Opening song clip credit: Requiem for a Fish by The Freak Fandango Orchestra.

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