OWA Episode #3: Social Media Marissa


Meet Marissa Emanuele, a proud Mainer and social media professional.* From street corner deals with people in mascots to chasing down her heroes, Marissa is always on real-life or digital adventures. Listen in as Marissa shares her social media stories and discusses online etiquette with Aubry.

Thanks for joining me, Marissa. Keep being your sassy self.


3:53: Marissa is Bobby Fischer
5:25 Adventures with Keytar Bear
8:30 Aubry’s strange social NFL experience
11:28: Marissa’s candy truce on Twitter
14:18: Social media & reality TV — some truth-telling
24:16: Confessions of an SNL fan
29:10: Marissa chases Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones
30:11: Lobsters, Moxie and Maine (plus Stephen King)

Contact Marissa on Social Media

Twitter, Instagram: @HiThisIsMarissa


Check out these links for more on Marissa and Aubry’s social media adventures:

Get to know Keytar Bear

How you should NOT use social media 

Stephen King on Twitter

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*Episode contains some adult language and content.

Opening song clip credit: Requiem for a Fish by The Freak Fandango Orchestra.

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