OWA Episode #2: BaldBil


Meet William Legault, a native of Salem, Massachusetts and Aubry’s good friend.* The real life Popeye, known around his hometown as BaldBil, is a renaissance man who’s had any and every job and adventure you could imagine. Listen in as Bil shares his best Witch City stories and reminisces with Aubry about their time working together at an online newspaper.

~ A special shout-out to Survivor ATF this week. I’m pleased to share whatever strange Salem-like energy we’ve been riding on our podcasts. Check out Survivor ATF here.~

Thanks for joining me, BaldBil. Keep being your bewitching self.


3:16 Aubry shares Bil’s Survivor connection
4:03 Bil recalls his “weirdo” meeting with Aubry
7:12 Bil fills Aubry in on the arrival of the Satantic temple
8:13 Salem’s Witch Wars (as Aubry and Bil know them)
10:28 Bil shares his fondest Halloween memories
13:54 Aubry and Bil break down Salem’s eight-square miles of diversity
16:51 BaldBil’s rough past with vehicles
19:40 Bil fills us in on his freakish memory
20:57 A job history like no other
23:38 Aubry asks Bil about The Great Palfrey Court Shootout of 1972
27:36 Some musings on the weird and crazy spirit of Salem, Massachusetts
30:11 Aubry, Bil and an off-key ode to Salem

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Twitter: @LegaultAtLarge
Facebook: William Legault


Check out these links for more on the Bil and Aubry’s adventures in Salem:

Salem Digest: People, Politics and Businesses of the Witch City.

Salem Food Digest
“An on-line publication used by real people to visit real restaurants for the sole purpose of providing basic and honest, unpretentious reviews.

Fireballs of Salem

Bil’s column on his father’s gunfight

Aubry’s videos on Salem and Halloween

Aubry’s final column as a journalist in Salem

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*Episode contains some adult language and content.

Opening song clip credit: Requiem for a Fish by The Freak Fandango Orchestra.

11 thoughts on “OWA Episode #2: BaldBil

  1. Another cool episode Aubry! I went to Salem in 2010 for Halloween, who knows i might’ve walked right by you! 🙂 I liked when Bil said “If you’re a weirdo, an oddball, if you’re a person that dosent fit in then Salem is the place for you”. I have to agree, it was fun!

    1. Thank so much, Wesley. 2010 would have been my first Halloween in Salem, and I was a peacock! What were you? You should definitely go back again. Thanks so much for listening.

  2. Sorry for getting back to you so late, unfortunately i didnt dress up when i went to Salem, i took lots of pictures though. Do you have any pictures of you as a peacock? 🙂 I would love to visit there again someday, ill have to find someone to go with me.

    1. No worries! I actually don’t have any photos of that costume, but it was a good one. Check out Salem again soon! It truly is a great city.

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