OWA Episode #10: John Young “The Hammer” & Andrea’s First Date Grade


Meet John Young, a math teacher and triathlete from Salem, Massachusetts. Listen in as I chat with John about his unique journey, health epiphany and how attitude can change your life. Get ready to be inspired.

Be sure to stay tuned after my chat with John for a final round of speed dating with Andrea Boehlke, my Survivor: Game Changers tribemate. See if I can recover from an awkward moment in our conversation from last episode.

Thank you for taking the time to chat, John (and Andrea too)!*


1:07 Who is John Young?
4:08 John’s experience with dwarfism
11:55 A health wake-up call
15:42 Taking fitness to the next level
19:05 John’s attitude and the Boston Marathon
22:02 How John trains
26:40 What exercise means to John
29:05 John as teacher
30:50 John as inspiration and what inspires him
34:15 A look into the future
37:00 In closing/final words of inspiration from John
39:37 A final round of speed dating with Andrea


John featured on CNN

John featured on Today

Feature on John and his son

John Young’s Blog

Bonus Content

Contact John on Social Media

Twitter: @dwarfparatri
Instagram: @dwarfparatri
Facebook: John Young The Hammer

Contact Andrea on Social Media

Twitter: @andreaboehlke
Instagram: @andreaboehlke

*Note From Aubry

I’m focusing on a few new projects I’m excited to share with you. This will be the final episode of this season of Odd With Aubry, but be sure to tune back in. I’ll be ramping up again soon with a whole new host of delightful weirdos. Thanks for the support!

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