OWA Episode #1: Troyzan


Get to know a little more about Troy “Troyzan” Robertson, contestant on Survivor: One World and Survivor: Game Changers on Episode 1 of Odd With Aubry.* The Washington state native shares his laid back attitude toward life, jungle-living tips and puts Neil Degrasse Tyson to shame when it comes to cosmic knowledge.

Thanks for joining me for my first episode, Troy. You’re the best.


3:45 Troyzan talks about childhood and sleeping in on classes
7:29 Aubry and Troy talk bonfires and other pyro pursuits
11:20 Learn the origin of the name “Troyzan”
16:10 The tribemates bond over their love of the movie “Contact” and outer space
18:55 Troy gives listeners a cosmic lesson
20:18 Aubry and Troyzan talk extraterrestrial communication and technology
24:30 Bonding over alien abduction
31:45 Musings on past lives and reincarnation
38:38 How to follow Troy on Twitter and get on the “block train”
39:55 Troy teases his modeling past
41:29 Aubry leaves Troy a voicemail

Contact Troyzan on Social Media (Enjoy Your Block Party)
Twitter: @Troy_zan
Instagram: @troyzan


Check out these links for more on the Troyzan and the Green Monster:
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Troyzan’s Survivor: One World bio
Troyzan’s Survivor: Game Changers bio
Aubry’s post-season Rob Has a Podcast interview

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*Episode contains some adult language and content.

Opening song clip credit: Requiem for a Fish by The Freak Fandango Orchestra.

26 thoughts on “OWA Episode #1: Troyzan

  1. Loved this!! I related to this so much of this is scary! So glad there a crazies just like me out there. Great to hear about Past lives and energy.. I have some stories there.

    1. Good job. So you know I was Rachel Jackson(Andrew’s honey)in another life. Been on this earth many times. No question, no doubt. Have had alien experiences as well….yes we are related. Lol

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Zachary. Though I’m not focusing on Survivor, I’m sure a couple of those characters will find their way onto my podcast.

  2. This has to be one of the best podcast ideas I’ve seen! And it being hosted by one of my favorite people that I don’t know personally, that’s just something amazing right there. I will definitely be tuning in on this.

    1. Thanks so much, Josh! I’m excited to see where this goes. I just went for it. Please email me with anything you’d like to hear, etc. Excited to branch out beyond Survivor, though Troyzan is always excellent eccentric material on the island or not. <3

  3. It’s been years since I’ve had a deep conversation with someone on things like the Universe, past lives, aliens, etc and this podcast made me feel like I was in college again for a moment. Much thanks to both you and Troyzan for that.

  4. I love this Aubry! I like weird people..The black sheep,the odd ducks,rejects, the eccentrics,the loners,the lost and forgotten. More often than not these people have the most beautiful souls..

  5. Aubry- loved seeing you on Game Changers and kudos for doing so well on two difficult seasons. I was also a fan of Culpepper and for a little bit, it seemed like you two would form a great, epic alliance but that never came to fruition. Why is that? Was the Sierra and Brad alliance just too impenetrable?
    Cheers and hope to see you on your third season soon ( with Debbie again ?)

  6. I would love to listen to your podcast if I could figure out how to download it to my mp3 player. I know it’s old fashioned but that’s how I roll.

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