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I’m Aubry, and I’m an eccentricity chaser. I’m addicted to meeting people who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and share who they are. If you meet someone willing to share his or her quirks and oddities, and you’re willing to do the same, I believe that’s when the magic happens. Share the funky side of yourself and sooner or later you’ll find a spirit animal who makes you realize you aren’t so different after all.

I’ve been a writer, digital journalist, social media strategist and reality show contestant. When I was on the television show Survivor, I lost twice, but gained experience with a whole bunch of delightfully lovable lunatics in the process.

OddWithAubry.com is a hub for my podcasts, videos and blog. Here you’ll find a collection of characters and authentic slices of life. For more of my work, visit my online portfolio at aubrybracco.com.

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